So, create a steady followed by erratic presentation, and the bass will not be able to resist it. Heddon Saltwater Chug’n Spook Junior Fishing Lure. font-weight: bold; The most famous walker of them all... the iconic Heddon Spook Walking baits, also known as “Walk-the-Dog” style baits, as effective as they are do have somewhat of a steep learning curve as far as … width: 115px; One of the best things about fishing these lures is how far you can cast them. Brand Name: Heddon. At 9 inches in length, it represents a meal that trophy fish find appealing. If the steady retrieve isn’t getting bit then try to eradicate the action so that it is not the same exact motion for the entire retrieve. It all started with the Zara Spook, by far the most well known walk-the-dog lure. .style2 { -->, Evergreen International Shower Blows Shorty, Evergreen International Shower Blows 77.7. .GoButton { They are typically hard bodied baits that have a long and skinny profile. They now come in a bunch of different versions of itself, with a variety of features, colors, and sizes. After more than 80 years it has undergone quite a few changes but it is still the most prevalent walking bait on the market. River2Sea Whopper Plopper Silent. Continue to repeat this action so the bait “walks” steadily side to side throughout the entire retrieve. Take full advantage of this and launch the bait as far out as you can. ,